Saturday, March 7, 2020

The KETO Diet’s Effect on Dementia

The KETO Diet has become very popular. It’s where you’re eating mostly fats. Some recent research looked at how it impacts a person’s brain.

Your brain runs on sugar. When you get older, the brain can struggle to metabolize the sugar properly which can lead to cognitive decline. By fasting for 12 hours you shift your body towards producing ketones which the brain prefers.

Ketones can supply more than 60% of your brain’s energy. In this study, the researchers gave 19 people, who averaged 75 years old and had cognitive impairment, 2 drinks per day that contained what’s called a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) like coconut oil. The body converted the MCTs into ketones.

After six months, the researchers found significant improvements in the subject’s language skills, processing speed, executive function and they even scored 54% higher on a test of visual memory.

So…if you or someone you now who is aging and having memory problems, is slowing down or struggling to find words, then ketones might be the way to go for the person.

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