Saturday, March 14, 2020

Another Natural Option for Fighting Coronavirus

With the poor response of the US government to fighting the coronavirus to this point, we need to know if there are steps we can take for ourselves to help us if we get infected. This has led me to share with you about glycyrrhizin, which sounds like a pretty fancy term. I know you’ve heard about this substance because it’s licorice.

This is the real licorice and not the candy you buy in the store. It turns out it’s one of most powerful antiviral compounds ever studied. A study on glycyrrhizin's inhibitory activity against SARS-associated coronavirus, which is similar to this current virus, was published in Lancet in June of 2003. The researchers found of all the compounds they tested with SARS patients that licorice worked the best.

Licorice also worked when pitted against the flu. In a study published in the journal Antibacterial Agents and Chemotherapy, the researchers infected mice with lethal injections of the influenza virus. The mice given the licorice ALL survived. The mice not given licorice only survived an average of 10.5 days, with no survivors by day 21.

Since you’ll need to figure out if licorice is right for you and how much to take, here’s the article I took this information from so you can decide for yourself what to do if you get coronavirus -

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