Saturday, May 18, 2019

Follow Up on Drinking More Whole Milk

Last week in the Teplitz Blurb, I wrote about it now being okay to have more whole milk in your diet as it has beneficial impacts. There were a couple of caveats that I should have pointed out.

1. The way regular dairy cows are raised today you can have issues with antibiotics being given to them as well as them not being pasture raised.

2. Many people are allergic to cow’s milk and some question whether we should be drinking cow’s milk past childhood.

3.  If you are going to drink whole milk, see if you can get organic and if your state allows it, get raw milk. In Virginia, my wife, Elizabeth, and I own a share of a cow, which is legal to do so we get to have raw milk. 

4. Yogurt and Keifer that have live bacteria in them is more beneficial to the body than drinking just milk.

5. There are other options to getting fats in your diet besides drinking milk. Nuts, seeds, avocados, chia seeds and fatty fish are all good choices. So are oils, such as, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

Basically, you have a number of options to look at when you decide to add more fat into your diet.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

There’s a Whole Lot of Benefit from Drinking Whole Milk

Skim milk, low fat milk non-fat milk have all been the buzzwords for years and about how we should stay away from whole milk products because they’re harmful to your health. Well, that’s not true anymore. There have been a number of studies showing that whole milk products are the way to go. As an example, a recent study further supported this direction. This study found that whole milk products were associated with a longer life. The researchers looked at 130,000 adults from 21 countries and they found that those who ate two or more daily servings of whole-fat dairy had a 22% lower risk of heart disease and a 34% lower risk of stroke than those who ate less dairy.

So…when you go shopping, walk right by the sections in your supermarket that tout the reduction or the lack of fat in the product and head for the full fat section. As an extra plus, see if you can find products that are organic. Not only will you be healthier, the whole milk product will also taste better, too!
(Reported AARP The Magazine April/May 2019)

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Why Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Is A Bad Idea

You may not be aware, but I was originally an attorney for the
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in the very early days of
its existence. Due to this, I’ve never lost my concern for protecting
our environment, so I’d like to share this with you about offshore
drilling for oil and gas.

Since I live in Virginia Beach Virginia, people here have great
concerns about the Trump Administration wanting to open the entire
Atlantic Coast to oil and gas drilling. There are a number of reasons
why offshore drilling is harmful to the environment. Here’s the top
five that were listed by the Defenders of the Wildlife:

1.The oil companies are looking to do seismic testing, which wreaks
havoc on marine wildlife, especially marine mammals. The blasting
also kills fish eggs and larvae. As a matter of fact, the catch rates
after blasting events in areas where people fish for cod, haddock and
herring declined by 40 to 80 percent. The blast sound waves happen
every 10 seconds for months at a time and can actually travel 2,500

2.There’s no guarantee that there won’t be another massive oil spill
like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe which included:
     a.The death of 27,000 to 65,00 critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley
sea turtles.
     b.12 percent of brown pelicans and 32 percent of laughing gulls

3.Continuing to burn the oil and gas that they will pump will
increase the impact of climate change which will intensify coastal

4.Oil spills can damage the local economies that are built on
healthy wildlife habitat and sustainable fisheries

5.People on the East Coast don’t want drilling since 144 East Coast
municipalities and more than 1,200 elected officials including the
Governors of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, South
Carolina and Virginia are formally opposed to drilling and blasting.

So…my view we all need to oppose blasting and drilling on the
Atlantic Coast. Its just not worth it.

                     A Crazy Video About Monsanto
The EPA has just released a report saying glyphosate, which is the
key ingredient in Monsanto’s Round-Up, is perfectly safe. This is while
2 jury trials found Monsanto guilty of injuring the plaintiffs in the law
suits and awarded the plaintiffs millions of dollars.

So here’s a video of a Monsanto representative saying drinking glyphosate
in Round-Up is harmless – watch the video to see what happens next?

1304 Woodhurst Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Alleviating Depression And Anxiety Through Your Gut

A study from Griffith University in Australian reported in Prevention Magazine analyzed the effects of taking probiotic supplements on participant’s levels of depression and anxiety. The researchers found that taking the supplement reduced the participant’s symptoms. This could be due to the level of communication between the brain and your digestive system. They also found that healthy people taking the supplement were better able to manage stressful situations. I would recommend taking a supplement that is in the 25 to 50 billion range and has a variety of bacteria strains in it. You can also add probiotic-rich foods to your diet which includes pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir and aged cheeses like cheddar and Gouda. So…take your supplement or eat up to reduce your anxiety, depression or stress.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Vitamin Doubles Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

A recent study published in Pharmacological Research reported on the impact of one of the compounds in Vitamin E called delta-tocotrienol to almost double the survival rate for ovarian cancer patients. The study compared the survival rates between the FDA approved drug Avastin verses Avastin with delta-tocotrienol included.

The researchers found that Avastin by itself was able to stabilize and control the ovarian cancer over a six-month period in 25% of the patients. When the delta vitamin was added, the survival rate doubled to 50%! This is quite a powerful result for simply adding a vitamin to the mix.

What the study didn’t examine was what the delta vitamin by itself would have done to the cancer survival rate. While this study was only looking at the vitamin’s impact on ovarian cancer, you might want to talk with your doctor about including it as part of your treatment for other types of cancers.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

This Week's Teplitz Report Blurb - I Almost Got Scammed

I want to share a story with you that happened a few days ago about how I came very close to being scammed for almost $500. I’m sharing this to make you aware of the sophistication of the scammers. 

I received a phone call that was a recording saying it was from my local utility and that my electricity was going to be shut off today for not paying my bill. The recording gave me an 800 number to call.

When I called, I had to give the normal info of address and phone number. The person on the phone said that I had not paid my February and March bills and that I had been notified several times that I was late. Due to not responding he said that my electricity was going to be shut off in 29 minutes.

Now, I don’t pay my bills myself as my bookkeeper does that. My immediate thought was that the checks had been lost in the mail. Since my bookkeeper was not in, I asked how can I stop this cut off from happening? I was told that I needed to go to a CVS drugstore and purchase a certain card with cash. They said due the immediacy of the shutoff about to take place, they could only accept this one type of card (I don’t remember what brand it was) and I had to pay cash for the card. I asked for an hour to take care of this because I had to go to the bank to get the money ($498.05). He said he could only give me 42 minutes before the shutoff would happen and that I needed to call his phone extension when I got the card.

As I was getting ready to run out to the bank, my wife, Elizabeth, came in and asked me what was going on. After my explanation, Elizabeth said she just read a news report that this was a scam.

I immediately called my electric company directly and they confirmed that it was a scam. Their representative told me that they had already gotten 40 calls from customers in my area about this. I thought of how many others didn’t call the electric company and did what I was about to do which was pay the scammers.

In retrospect, their scam was quite sophisticated by starting with an automatic message, as we all have gotten those. As an example, I’ve gotten them from my credit card company saying that I needed to call their security line about a suspicious charge on my card. That robo call turned out to be true. 

By my calling their 800 number, I was the one taking action and their person was friendly and was assisting me. They created a sense of urgency by saying the electricity was going to be shut off in 29 minutes. I asked how I could stop the clock and that’s when he told me about CVS and the card. He said that this was the only way to stop the electricity being turned off. The person said I needed to take immediate action. I asked for and hour delay and he said he could only give me an additional 42 minutes, which was creating a sense of urgency. 

All in all, quite a scam. I’m sure glad my wife walked in when she did; otherwise, I would be out $498.05! My wife just mentioned to me that she posted about this on our community’s electronic bulletin board and around 20 people replied that it had also happened to them. So…watch out for these scammers as they’re becoming more and more sophisticated.

I just read an article which said more people fall for these scams later in the week and later in the day.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Retiring Can Be Hazardous to Your Mind

A study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology looked at the brain function of people who were employed who then retired. They found that when these people retired, their verbal memory abilities – recalling information that they’ve heard, as well as, cognitive abilities deteriorated 38% faster than a matching group of people who continued to work.  This is not saying that you shouldn’t retire, but that you need to remain active doing things that use your mind so that the phrase“Use it or lose it” won’t affect your retirement.
(Reported Discover Magazine)

I was just interviewed on Facebook by Angel Rido. I talked about my Switched-On Selling and switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur Seminars. He was blown away by the participation experience I did with him and his listeners. You can watch it at