Thursday, September 14, 2017

Older People Need Social Contacts

A study published in the British journal Ageing & Society found that older people who were stuck at home with a lack of contact with other people had emotional difficulties. To this, the researchers have found that being alone is also a health hazard.

This lack of contact with others contributed to elevated blood pressure, higher mortality rates, as well as, depression and suicide. So...if you have an elderly parent or friend, make sure they maintain social contacts in their lives.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Are Your Kids About To Be Drugged?

In 2002, President Bush created the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. This commission is now planning to screen every school child for ADHD, depression, social anxiety disorder, and behavior problems. Sounds like a good thing? Maybe not. Are all 52 million of our kids so screwed up that they all need to be tested? I remember taking a Psych 101 class in college. Every disease I read about I thought I had. Just because you read through a list of symptoms and think you have them does not mean that you should immediately start taking drugs.

Putting millions of more kids on drugs is not the answer. What can you do to stop this with your kids? It's simple. When you get a consent form from the school, refuse to sign it. Without your permission, they can't test your child and they can't give them drugs. So...say thank you but no thank you.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Artifical Sweeteners Can Make You Fat

Researchers at Purdue University have found that consuming artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin may impair your body's natural ability to monitor the number of calories you are consuming. The researchers found that we have an unconscious ability to control the number of calories you consume which helps to control overeating. Artificial sweeteners cause us to lose that ability.

The rats in this study ate three times as much food when they had drinks sweetened with saccharin vs. when they were given drinks sweetened with real sugar. So...anybody for a Super Big Gulp at 7/11?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Exercise Can Stop Jet Lag And Reset Your Biological Clocks

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have discovered that our muscles contain mini clocks which can help your body's master clock reset faster when you change time zones. To get the benefit all you need to do is to exercise for two or three workouts after you have arrived at your destination. What kind of exercise will work – walking, aerobics and lifting weights will do it? So…when you land at your destination, get those sneakers on as soon as you can.

Another recommendation that I make is to use meditation as a means of beating jet lag before you even get off the plan. If you know how to meditate, just do an extra couple of meditations while you are flying.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dissolve Blood Clots The Natural Way

From Japan comes a cheese-like fermented food called natto that contains a very potent enzyme called nattokinase that can both prevent blood clots from forming and even dissolve clots that have already formed. To date, there have been 17 published studies validating the impact of natto and showing that natto has no side effects (Person's on warfarin should not take natto. Taking 100 grams of natto has similar clot-busting activity as compared to a therapeutic dose of a leading clot-busting drug. It also works 48% faster and keeps the blood clear for four to eight hours vs. 4 to
20 minutes for a drug.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lower Your Possibility Of Prostate Cancer

There's an herbal mineral formula called Formula HP that can lower PSA levels and stop Prostate cancer cell growth. In a small study, it was shown to stop cancer cell growth in 80 to 90% of the prostate cell lines. In a group of 14 men 70% had lowered their PSA levels by 43.5% after just 6 months. The men also reported an improvement in feelings of general we-being, improved ability to pass urine and a significant reduction in pain and discomfort.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Avoid Antihistamines In Kids With Ear Infections

Avoid Antihistamines In Kids With Ear Infections
University of Texas researchers treated 176 kids with achy ears with an antihistamine and an antibiotic. These kids wound up with a middle-ear fluid build up that lasted for 73 days. This build up hurts, can muffle hearing and can serve as a breeding ground for repeat infections.

In kids who didn't get the antihistamine, the ears drained in 23 to 25 days. So…if your kid gets an ear infection and you want to give him an antibiotic, stay away from also giving him or her an antihistamine, too.