Saturday, February 15, 2020

Some Research Supporting The Benefits of Marijuana

There’s research coming out that’s supporting the very positive benefits of marijuana. I want to talk about two studies.

The first one was with people over 65 responding to a questionnaire about the quality of their lives before and after they started using cannabis. The results were compiled from over 2,700 patients who had chronic pain and cancer. More than 90% of the patients noted an improvement in their condition after 6 months of using the drug.

The second study analyzed the data from 1,200 cancer patients who used medical marijuana. They found that an astonishing 95% reported an improvement in their symptoms which included a diverse range of problems, including sleep problems, lack of appetite, weakness, nausea and pain.

The researchers felt that the drug was safe and effective in older populations seeking relief from chronic pain and cancer-related symptoms. So…if you live in a state which allows medical marijuana, and you’re suffering from chronic pain or cancer, puff away or try the gummy bears!
(Reported March/April 2020, Discover Magazine)

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