Saturday, February 8, 2020

Stopping Illegal Logging in the Rain Forest

The rain forest is crucial to the health of the planet. The trees in the forests store CO2 and also convert it to produce oxygen. Illegal logging is destroying the rain forests around the world. There’s now an ingenious way of using technology to halt deforestation.

In the Indonesian rain forest, they are using a unique surveillance system to make this happen. They are taking recycled cell phones that are charged by solar panels and placing them in the treetops. Next, they have created artificial intelligence software that can detect activity by these loggers and send instant alerts to rangers to stop them.

The approach was created by the nonprofit Rainforest Connection and it’s a great example of using low-cost technology to help save the planet. So…who would have thought old cell phones could have such an important usage.
(Reported Solutions/ 2020) 

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