Saturday, November 16, 2019

Using Electricity To Stop Pain

With the opioid epidemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, we need some alternative options for pain management. I want to talk about 3 that I’ve run across, two of which I’ve personally experienced.

The first is a device called the Hokomed and it uses electricity to stimulate the healing process and reduce pain. It was invented in Germany.

The second is a Class IV Laser that penetrates 4 inches into the skin and promotes cell growth while alleviating pain. As I said, I’ve experienced both these machines and was quite impressed with the reduction of pain for bursitis and back pain.

The third device is called Quell which also uses an electrical current. It’s been used for stopping hip pain so that hip replacement surgery did not have to be performed. It can reduce the feelings of pain anywhere in the body.

So…pain got you down? Instead of suffering, experiment with these medical devices to see for yourself if they will stop the pain and keep you away from having to play drug company and surgery roulette.

(Reported November/December 2017. AARP THE MAGAZINE)

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