Sunday, November 24, 2019

Reflections on Hip Replacement Surgery

On Thursday Nov 21, I had hip replacement surgery. I went in at 5:30 am and was discharged that afternoon by 4:30 pm. I have had very little pain since the surgery. The Home Care nurse and Physical Therapist came yesterday and they were both amazed by my recovery!

The reason I’m writing about this is to share with you how I prepared for the surgery.

The injury began as a groin muscle pull on my right leg. It occurred when I was walking my dog and a friend’s dog and they pulled the leashes in opposite directions. That was about 8 months ago, and I started working on attempting to get it healed. After a couple of weeks though, I observed that other parts of the leg were being affected: my hip, knee, butt area and shin. The other leg was also being affected.

I decided to go to physical therapy to see if I could heal it. At that point, I discovered that a groin pull in a man is hard to heal. After a number of months without it completely healing, I decided to get an x-ray of my pelvis and right hip joint. It turned out that the hip joint had deteriorated and was bone on bone.

I decided to go to Dr. Anthony Carter, who is the surgeon who brought the Jiffy Hip hip replacement surgery to the Hampton Roads area. Instead of making the incision through the rear or the side of the hip, the Jiffy Hip surgery is done through the front of the leg. Steve, my Physical Therapist, said he’s been very impressed with the speed and ease of recovery for Dr. Carter’s patients.

The surgery was scheduled for November 21st. My PT and I agreed to work on strengthening my leg to help to help expedite its healing. I was even able to do some jogging and even running a little bit. I also kept doing my yoga daily and strength training exercises.

I was also able to ride a bike, including a stationary one, with no pain.

On the day of the surgery, my wife, Elizabeth, and I arrived at 5:30 am. Since the surgery was not going to occur until around 9 am, I decided to meditate for a couple of hours, in between visits from various pre-op staff, while listening to Steven Halpern's subliminal music CD called Accelerated Self-Healing. The music has subliminal messages in the background about healing. These messages are sub-auditory, which means you are not consciously hearing the messages. 

Some of the messages are: Your body knows how to heal itself. You now instruct your body to heal itself. You have the power, ability and desire to accelerate your own healing and This music helps your body orchestrate its own healing symphony.

I kept the headset on during the surgery. I believe even though I was “under” my mind could still hear the music and the messages. I kept it on in the recovery room. When they took me to the hospital room, I kept meditating while listening to the music.

After discharge, we drove to another facility that has a Class IV Laser which penetrates 4" into the body and promotes healing. I had the laser focus on the surgery area.

Elizabeth also gave me homeopathic remedies. Before the surgery, I took Phosphorus 30C to minimize nausea from the anesthesia and Arnica Montana 30C for reducing muscle pain and shock from the surgery. After the surgery, she gave me a couple more doses of the Phosphorus 30C to stop nausea, and then some Symphytum 30 C for bone pain. Since coming home, I’ve continued taking the Arnica 30C and the only pain killing drug I'm taking is Tylenol. I am also using ice.

I’m now on Day 3 of my healing and went for a walk outside this morning for around 300 yards. This evening I rode my stationary bike for 5 minutes.

I wanted to share all of this with you primarily because of the amazed reactions of the Home Care nurse and the Physical Therapist with the speed of my healing. So…if you’re needing to go into surgery, there are lots of things you can do yourself to make your healing the best one possible!
Jerry Teplitz

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