Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cranberries May Hold The Answer For Fighting Super Bugs

Since it's almost the holiday season and the time for cranberries in all
its forms, let's look at the power it has to protect us from super bugs.

Some strains of E. coli can cause diarrhea and can be transmitted
through food, water or contact with animals and people. With the rise
of super bugs, diarrhea that they can cause can become deadly.

For bacteria to actually cause an infection, the bacteria must first adhere
to a surface in the host such as the stomach lining. The bacteria multiply
and produce enough additional bacteria to be able to form what's called
a biofilm. If you can stop the formation of the biofilm, then there is no infection.

Enter…… cranberry juice! Researchers at the University of
Massachusetts Dartmouth found that chemicals in cranberry juice
interfere with the adhesion of the bacteria to form its biofilm by
several methods.

One is some of the cranberry juice chemicals compress tiny tendrils on the
surface of the E. Coli bacteria so that it can’t bind to the lining of the
urinary tract.

The second way involves different chemicals in the juice that greatly
reduce the ability of the bacteria to stick to a surface. So…since we are
running out of antibiotics to fight off these super bugs and since we're
going to be eating a lot of cranberry products, it’s good to known that
you're helping your body to stay health. 

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