Saturday, November 2, 2019

Alternatives Are Becoming Mainstream

I was recently reading a magazine and read an ad for Blue Cross’s Medicare policy. The ad was talking about a woman who had retired and was enjoying life by traveling and doing lots of activities including Kayaking.

She started to experience carpal tunnel syndrome and thought it would curtail her enjoying her retirement.

The ad then starts to talk about the treatments that she started, and I was expecting it to talk about drugs. Wow, was I wrong!

The first thing it says is she got acupuncture. That’s right, Blue Cross is saying she had acupuncture!!!! Plus, she did a few other things that the ad didn’t specify, and that cured her problem. So, she was back to enjoying her retirement.

Another example is I’m personally going to be having hip replacement surgery on November 21 and the pre-surgery materials I’ve received are recommending drinking lots of pineapple juice after surgery because it contain bromelain which reduces inflammation and also taking bran flakes to help prevent constipation!

So... from my standpoint, this is showing that alternatives are finally going more and more mainstream. HOORAY!

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