Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Importance of Vitamin D During Pregnancy

We have become so concerned about getting exposure to the Sun that we attempt to eliminate all unprotected exposure to the Sun’s rays. – hand me the sunscreen! We may have gone too far.

Some of the research has been showing that when a pregnant woman is Vitamin D deficient that it has a negative and lifelong impact on her newborn baby. The child can experience allergies and more frequent colds and flu. The child may also be at greater risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even schizophrenia.

When a mom was Vitamin D deficient, this deficiency was passed onto the child so that they had a 44% increased risk of developing schizophrenia as an adult. Separately, this deficiency has also been linked to an increase in autism in 6-year-old children.

Taking the benefits even further, research by found that 40 to 60% of preterm births could be prevented by raising the woman’s Vitamin D level to just 40 ng/ml.

While it would be great to get 20 minutes of a noon time level of exposure to the Sun without sun screen on to stimulate your body to manufacture Vitamin D, you may not be able to get outside on a regular basis, or you’re too far north, or you still have a fear of sun exposure without a sun screen. In that case, I’d recommend that the mother take a Vitamin D3 supplements so that her blood level of D is between 60 to 80 ng/ml. This is a level that is giving you the optimum benefit of Vitamin D.

Make sure the mother takes Vitamin D3 as it is better absorbed by the body. Also, add Vitamin K2 as it helps the D to be absorbed and used correctly by the body.
(Reported December 2018)

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