Thursday, November 8, 2018

Kids Aren't Walking & It's Hurting Their School Performance

A young child, before they go to school, seems to never slow down. In this state of activity, they learn languages, social skills, and mathematics. Once they hit school age, they spend more time sitting than moving. After school they're not moving either. They are playing video games, doing instant messaging, and surfing the internet. By the time they get to high school, around one third of the students aren't even getting the minimum of an hour a day in exercise.

Not exercising contributes to weight gain, as well as future susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease. New research from the University of Illinois reports that children who scored low on physical fitness ranked further down the scale on state achievement tests than did kids who scored high in fitness.

So…worried about your kids grades? Then, have them close the book and get their bodies moving.

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