Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sunlight Helps Nursing Home Residents Sleep

Julie Gammack, a geriatrician at St. Louis School of Medicine, conducted a small pilot study and found that exposing nursing home residents to morning sunlight helped them sleep better at night. All it took was an hour a day of sunlight to help residents fall asleep and stay asleep.

This research is right in line with what I've discovered and reported over the years about the impact that full spectrum tubes, bulbs and flood lights can have on our daily functioning. As I've mentioned in the Teplitz Email Report #33, the Summit Chapter School in Florida reported dramatic improvements in children who were learning disabled when they were under the full spectrum lighting.

Two other benefits of sunlight exposure: The first is that Vitamin D production increases and the loss of calcium is reduced in nursing home residents. The second is that 800IU of Vitamin D reduced falls in nursing home residents by 71 percent over five months.

So…..look up and make a decision to change your lighting. For more information go to www.teplitz.com/lights.htm  .

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