Thursday, June 5, 2014


With all the controversy surrounding the notions of being on a high protein diet containing lots of fat as a way to lose weight, let me thrown in my 2 cents.

There was a study done where 12 women were given either a pure protein liquid lunch, a pure carbohydrate lunch or a mixture of both. The women who had the high protein lunch ate 31% fewer calories at dinner than the women who had the high carbohydrate lunch. When they had the combination drink their dinner time calories were cut 20%.

Another study done at Tufts University found overweight people who ate a high carb breakfast ate 81% more food in the 5 hours following breakfast than when they a high protein breakfast.

So it would seem high protein would be the way to go for dieters. However there is one key piece of information that most people are not aware of and that concerns what are the foods that make up the high carb diet. The answer is things like white flour products, white rice, and baked goods that use white flour. All these products get broken down quickly by the body and are treated like sugar.

Whole wheat and whole grain products are treated differently by the body.  They are broken down slower and absorbed slower and leave the body feeling satisfied longer.

So my recommendation would be if you are dieting you can go high protein for breakfast and lunch then focus for dinner on whole grain products, fruits and vegetables. And also take vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure you aren't missing anything

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