Tuesday, June 3, 2014


In Prevention Magazine they reported on a study done at Ohio State University where they looked at a child raised by a parent of the opposite sex vs. one raised by a parent of the same sex. The researchers analyzed three studies of more than 11,000 kids raised in single family households. Regardless of whether the kid's parent was the same sex or the opposite sex, the results were the same. There was no difference in any of the scores that the researchers measured. The researchers thought the opposite sex parents were taking on both the male and female roles for the kids to see as role models. The researchers felt the key ingredient in the positive results the kids were having was the amount of personal involvement the parents had in the child's life.
 While this doesn't make being a single parent easier, this study should remove some of the concerns a single parent might have as to how well they are doing. Just make sure to give your child your time and attention.

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