Thursday, March 6, 2014


Ritalin is being given to kids in amounts that are epidemic with no clear understanding of what the long term side effects on kids might be.  There are now some options you can try with nutrients.

One is called LECI-PS which is a blend of phospholipids that facilitate communication between cells. One of substances in the blend is called phosphatidylserine or PS for short. Around 3,000 studies have been carried out on PS showing increased concentration, attention span and memory.

The other substance is called DMAE. It was actually used effectively before ritalin was developed. DMAE improves attention, memory and flexibility of thinking. Dr. Carl Pfeiffer administered it to 108 children with ADD/ADHD. 71% of the lids improved with attention span, mood and scholastic performance.

Another cause to be looked at is the possibility of allergies including food and other substances being the cause of the ADD/ADHD. I talk about food allergy checking in my book, Switched-On Living.

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