Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fascinating Ways The Brain Operates

brain_bllue_newThe brain has difficulty consciously managing too much new information at once. This means that it’s better to chunk new information into groupings of 7 ideas or less.

Think telephone numbers which have 7 digits. On the flip side our brain has trillions of neurons firing scores of times per second. The brain is capable of multiprocessing over 36,000 visual cues per hour. Most of this processing is at the subconscious level.

While the brain only makes up 2% of our body mass it uses 20 to 44% of our energy. It does this by burning energy 7.5 times faster than the rest of the body. Our brain is made up of mostly water (78%), some fat (10%) and a little protein (8%). Just one more reason why it’s so important to drink enough water.

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