Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Time for Virginia Beach in November: Switched-On Public Seminars!

I wanted to remind you to pack your bags for a great experience with us in Virginia Beach, VA this November.

I'm talking about my upcoming Public Seminars - Switched-On Selling and Switched-On Network Marketing Seminars plus a 3-day Instructor Certification course also planned. (see

These are the seminars that use the Brain Gym® movement exercises to do the brain re-wiring. It's the easiest way around to become better as a salesperson, manager or marketer.  (see

Find out below what companies and attendees have said about the real-time results achieved!

But first you'll have to register, so find out more below, and then get ready to pack those bags!

Put All Other Training on Hold Until You Master SOS:
“Of all the Superstars that I have coached —Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, and so many others—and assisted along their journey, Dr. Jerry Teplitz is my favorite for deep content. His immediate ‘stick to the ribs,’ CEO-level put-it-in-the-workplace processes can change your bottom line results in a single session.

On sales and marketing, Dr. Teplitz is the leading master trainer in the world today.  That’s why we literally BEG Jerry to teach at our trade shows for the world’s elite business leaders five times a year.

Put all other training on hold until you master Switched-On Selling™ - then watch the impact this powerful training will have on your profit account next quarter.”

B.J. Dohrmann, Founder of CEOSPACE, best- selling author, and Radio show host

To read validation research and more comments on the impact of these programs from attendees, you can go to

Can you afford not to attend these classes?

Switched-On Selling™
with Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz
Virginia Beach, VA USA
November 16,
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Here’s what Brad McDonald with Sandler Training Hampton Roads in Virginia had to say about the Switched-On Selling Seminar (Sandler is the world’s largest training company):

“Dr. Jerry Teplitz’ Switched-On Selling seminar is the missing piece in sales training. It’s great at getting rid of head trash that salespeople struggle with. Jerry is the ONLY person I have brought into my business/put in front of my clients in the past 8 years to do his own program. The bottom line is go to this seminar!”

Let me put it this way - don’t spend another cent on a sales training seminar, CD, DVD or book until you’ve taken the Switched-On Selling™  Seminar.


Switched-On Network Marketing
with Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz
Virginia Beach, VA USA
November 16,
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"We have had Dr. Teplitz present four seminars in the past two years that include senior and mid level managers in state and federal bank regulatory agencies. I see many of the participants at subsequent programs. Months and years after seeing Dr. Teplitz, they tell me they are still using some of these techniques. If you need a sure hit program that delivers immediate and long lasting value, this is it."

Roger Stromberg
Senior Vice President-Education 
Conference of State Bank Supervisors

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Director of Marketing
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