Saturday, September 14, 2019

Using The Mind To Be Younger In Body

Research conducted by the Langer Mindfulness Institute took a group of 80-year-olds and tested them for vision and hearing, grip strength, memory and dexterity before being taken to a monastery that was decorated to replicate life in 1959. The decor also included photos of the participants when they were that age.

Everyone wore 1950s fashions and entertainment was all 1950s TV shows, movies, books and music. They were also instructed to discuss sports and events that did happen during that era, but to talk about them in the present tense. They were told to think of themselves as actually being younger.

After five days, the participants did look younger and their scores on everything including eyesight had improved.

Another study by the Institute involved two groups of college students hoping to enter the military. All participants had 20/20 vision or better. One group was given flight suits to wear and to think of themselves as Air Force pilots while they used flight simulators. The other group just sat in the flight simulators and were told that the simulator was broken so they should just pretend to fly the plane.

Afterwards, both groups were given vision tests again and the group who viewed themselves as Air Force pilots and flew the simulator improved their vision by 40% verse the other group. So…if you want to be younger, get your mind working for you and think younger, even if it’s not the 1950s.
(Reported Bottom Line’s Health Breakthroughs 2016, Ellen Langer)

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