Thursday, December 27, 2018

What's The Major Source Of Stress - It's Work Pressures!

A study published in the American Institute of Health found that 44% of US employees were overworked "often" or "very often". Those who rated in the high overworked category were more likely to make mistakes at work, feel angry at their employers for expecting them to do too much, resent their coworkers who didn't work as hard as they did, have higher stress levels, be depressed, have health problems or be neglectful with respect to caring for themselves.

Women are more likely to be overworked than men. Even though men tend to work longer hours, multi-tasking creates more stress for women.

All of this means that we are now experiencing the effects of downsizing in organizations. Employees have too much work to do with fewer people to do it.

This also means that stress management techniques, time management methods, nutritional approaches and exercise become even more important for you to include in your life.

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