Thursday, December 20, 2018

Increase Survival Rates After CPR with Cold and Coenzyme Q10

While Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can bring people who have a heart attack back to life, 88% of them will die before they are able to leave the hospital. Of those who survive, more than 90% will have permanent brain or nerve damage that leaves them partially or completely disabled.

A study of 49 people published in Circulation offers a way to change these results. The study found that people had a greater survival rate who were given mild hypothermia therapy for 24 hours (they were placed on a cooling mattress) and also received an initial dose of 250 mg of Coenzyme Q10. They were then given 150 mg of CoQ10 three times per day for an additional 90 days. Sixty-eight percent were alive at the end of the study verses 29% who received a placebo. Their neurological function also improved. So... if you know people who receive CPR following a severe heart attack they are not necessarily out of the woods. Suggest that they be put on a cooling mattress and that they take Coenzyme Q10.

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