Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TV May Cause Attention Deficit In Kids

A study published in Pediatrics had parents of 1,345 children aged 1 and 3 report on their children's viewing habits. The researchers found that for every hour of TV the children regularly watched on a daily basis they increased their chances of developing attention deficit disorders later in life by 10 percent. This means that kids who watched three to four hours daily had a 30 to 40% increase in risk. The researchers believe it’s the unrealistically fast-paced visual images typical of most TV programming that may be altering normal brain development.

From the research that's been done in the field of Brain Gym, this over stimulation may cause the survival part of the brain to increase its development. This means the child has a reduced ability to focus and concentrate while acting restless and impulsive and being easily confused.

So…if you have very young children, do your best to not turn the TV into their babysitter.

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