Thursday, May 15, 2014


You're lying in bed and suddenly you get a painful cramp in your leg. You're preparing dinner and you get a painful cramp in your foot. Usually you'll attempt to grab the leg muscle or the foot to attempt to stretch and massage it, all the while screaming in pain (Do I have your attention yet).
Well, now you can stop leg and foot cramps in 15 to 30 seconds.   How, you say? Well, it's as easy as squeezing on a certain point on your lip. I learned this technique years ago and find it always works. One of the first times I did it was when I was playing soccer. One of the guys collapsed on the field with a leg cramp. I stepped over and grabbed his lip and 30 seconds later the pain was gone. He got up and started playing again. Unfortunately, he was playing for the other team and he was good, too!

To do the treatment, you'll find the point on the center of your upper lip. It's where the hollow is located. Take you thumb and index finger and place one finger in the hollow on the outside of the lip and the other finger opposite it inside the lip. And then squeeze your fingers together really, really hard. Keep the pressure up until the cramp disappears. (Once in a while it might take 45 seconds

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