Tuesday, April 29, 2014


You may remember years ago reports of children in orphanages in third world countries not being touched not growing and dying. Well there is more recent research conducted by the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute on the impact of massage. Here are some of the results:

1. Babies born prematurely given short daily massages increased their growth rate by almost 50% and they went home almost a week earlier.
2. Diabetic children given nightly massages by their parents saw reduction in anxiety in both parents and children. The children regulated insulin better and had their blood glucose levels return to the normal range.
3. Patients with fibromyalgia had massages twice a week for five weeks had less pain, stiffness and fatigue. They also slept better.
4. Asthmatic kids given daily bedtime massages had better breathing and fewer asthma attacks.
5. Even autistic children who don't normally like to be touched liked the massages. They also became less distracted, more attentive and more social.
6. For us regular adults massage reduces the production of specific stress hormones. This results in less anxiety, depression, and an increase in immune system functioning.

With all these benefits is there any reason not to get massaged? And it doesn't have to be from a professional. It doesn't have to take  a lot of time.  Even trading rubbing with a partner will have a very positive impact.

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