Sunday, April 14, 2013

To Telecommute Or Not To Telecommute

telecommuteRecently Yahoo!’s CEO required employees to show up at the worksite every day. Well a study has been just published pointing out that that might not be the right decision.

Stapes Advantage just released its second telework survey and found that 93% of employers surveyed agreed that telework programs are mutually beneficial. In addition, 53% of business decision makers say telework leads to more productive employees.

From the workers standpoint, 48% of the remote workers say they are less stressed, 75% of business decision makers said they notice their teleworkers are happier and 37% reported less absenteeism.

While teleworking is not all positive and has some problems, overall, it seems a positive experience for companies and employees. So…just because Yahoo! is making a decision doesn’t mean it’s going to prove to be right.

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