Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Ways to Help Stop Pain (DMSO & Prolotherapy)

dmsoRub DMSO On And Get Pain Relief
According to Dr. Julian Whitaker Dimethyl silfoxide (DMSO) is a great way to stop any kind of joint or muscle pain.

When you rub DMSO on the skin, it is quickly absorbed into the deeper tissues. DMSO is a potent anti-inflammatory that stops pain.

You need to rub a small amount into the affected area until it is absorbed. Repeat two or three times a day. Just be aware that it can have a sulfur smell.

(Reported Health & Healing, Vol. 23, No. 3)

Another Way To Stop Pain – Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is another way to stop pain. It involves injecting a substance that is not a drug but creates irritation into areas of the back, neck, knee and shoulder that are in pain.

What the irritation seems to do is strengthen the ligaments and tendons. It may also release local growth factors. So…if you have pain in those areas, check out prolotherapy.

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