Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celery May Be A Treatment for Breast Cancer

celeryA study conducted by the University of Missouri found that an ingredient in celery is a non-toxic treatment that can stop breast cancer in its tracks.

The researchers found that the treatment even worked on deadly, fast-growing breast tumors by inhibiting cancer cell growth and reducing the expression of a gene associated with cancer malignancy.

The ingredient in celery is apigenin. It’s cheap, natural and it’s the active ingredient in celery, parsley, thyme and a number of fruits, veggies and spices.

When mice were implanted with cells of a very deadly, fast-growing human breast cancer were treated with apigenin, the cancerous growth slowed and the tumors shrank. Blood vessels feeding the cancer tumor also shrank which starved the tumor of the nutrients it needed.

Another study found that when rats with breast cancer were treated with apigenin, they developed fewer tumors and had significant delays in tumor formation.

All this sounds great, except the researchers are having a problem getting funding for human trials. That’s because none of the drug companies will fund the study. Since this a natural substance that is cheap, there is no profit motive for the drug companies to fund the research. So…until the researchers can get funding, we won’t know if apigenin can stop cancer in its tracks.

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