Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stopping Joint Pain

jointpainSo, you’ve got pain in your joints, what can you do about it besides taking drugs? Well, there are a number of natural substances that you can take to stop painful joints.

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, curcumin is one of the best antioxidants we have. It effectively keeps inflammation at bay. A more powerful form of curcumin is called Meriva®. While curcumin is difficult for the body to absorb, Meriva is 45 times more bioavailable. As an example a recent study reported that 225mg of Meriva is equal to 2,025 mg of regular curcumin.

Another substance is Gycosaminoglycans (GAGs). This substance is part of your joint cartilage and it attracts water into the joint for lubrication. Using NEM for the source of GAGs, the researchers found relief from chronic pain in as little as seven days. After 30 days the pain relief actually doubled. It also increases joint flexibility.
Another substance is glucosamine sulfate, which maintains normal space between the joints and the space surrounding them. You need to take 1,500 m per day.

Finally, boron will aid calcium absorption and increase serum Vitamin D levels.
So…if you have joint pain, make sure you take a supplement that has most of these substances. You’ll then be able to say, “Look Mom, no pain.”


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