Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Your Last Chance To Attend the June Switched-On Seminars at Early Bird Pricing & $400 Bonus Gifts

Switched-On Selling, Network Marketing, Switched-On Management Seminars & Switched-On Instructor Trainings:

I’m conducting my Switched-On Selling and Network Marketing Seminars in Norfolk, Virginia on June 10.  Since you are a subscriber to the Teplitz Email Report, I want to make you a special offer.

I’m extending the early bird special registration fee until June 5, plus you’ll receive a F.R.E.E. copy of my Amazon #1 book Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success! and $400 in bonus gifts from speaker and trainer friends of mine that have donated digital gifts just for you.

Both classes are taught at the same time, same place on June 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To get all these gifts, you’ll need to call my office when you register and tell them that you are a subscriber to my Teplitz Email Report!

The Switched-On Management Seminar will be on June 14 and 15 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

If you’d like to become certified to teach these seminars, the Instructor Training for Switched-On Selling and Network Marketing is June 10-12. The Switched-On Management Instructor Training is June 13-15. Here’s the link to learn the details about the Instructor trainings.

Participant Feedback:
Here's what Serge Gravelle, President/CEO of My Mall Network Corporation, had to say about the Switched-On Selling Seminar:
"The results were instantaneous; within 24 hours, we had closed seven contracts, seven times more than we had done during the preceding eight months. By the end of the week, we had signed eighteen contracts. The best part is that I enjoyed making the sales, a feeling I had a hard time experiencing in the past."

Company Blows The Competition Out Of The Water During The Recession

A year ago August during the middle of the recession, Kevin Kordek, CEO A-Active Termite and Pest Control, put half his sales force through the one-day Switched-On Selling Seminar.

I spoke to him last August and Kordek told me that six of the eight people immediately jumped to above his top tier salespeople.
Next, his company became the #1 distributor in the country on two of his high-end product lines, and one of his salespeople increased his closing percentage by 300 percent!

Was there anything special or different about these sales people? Kordek said “No, they were middle level sales people before they attended the one day seminar.”

For more information on the Switched-On Selling Seminar, go to
For more information on the Switched-On Network Marketing:
For more information on the Switched-On Management Seminar:

For more information about being an Instructor of these seminars, go to

If you would prefer to have the brochures and registration information emailed to you, send an email to

To get the special early bird registration price and $400 in Bonus Gifts, you will be able to select the Early Bird Option on the websites through June 5th!!

Or you can call my office to register and tell them that you’re a subscriber to my Teplitz Email Report.

Call 800 77-RELAX.

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