Thursday, June 3, 2010

Using Baking Soda To Prevent Kidney Disease

bakingsoda2 With the increase in diabetes to epidemic proportions, one of the negative outcomes will be more people suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and metabolic acidosis. Well, there’s a treatment option that you would have never guessed is making an impact – it’s baking soda!

British researchers followed 134 patients with advanced CKD and metabolic acidosis. Along with their regular medical treatment, half the patients took daily tablets of baking soda. After two years, the rate of decline in the group taking baking soda was two-thirds slower than the standard care group and their overall nutritional status improved.

This slowing of the progression of the disease will have an enormous impact on the patient’s quality of life. Since these people suffered from advanced CKD, it will be interesting to see if researchers take a look at the impact baking soda will have on people just developing CKD.

(Reported Dr. Julian Whitaker, September 2009)

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