Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MP3 Players Can Damage Listener’s Hearing

The European Union committee responsible for warning of emerging health risks reports that nearly 10% of the people who listen to MP3 players (and iPods) risk going deaf if they tune in an hour a day for five years. The Royal National Institute of Deaf People, a U.K. service organization for the hearing impaired, reports that 60% of people age 16 to 30 were unaware of the risks to their hearing from these players.

On a personal note, a number of years ago, I purchased noise-canceling headsets to use when I fly to reduce the impact of the jet’s noise. After a number of months of using them, I noticed that I had developed ringing in my ears, called tinnitus. I realized it was from using the headsets and immediately stopped using them. While the ringing is still there, it has not gotten worse.

So…tell your kids and anyone you know about the danger. Suggest that they at least lower the volume below 100 decibels and use the player less than an hour a day.

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