Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cut The Need For Arthritis Drugs By Using Cod Liver Oil

Since I’m talking about arthritis, there was a study reported in Rheumatology (March 24, 2008) about the impact of taking cod liver oil once a day for relief of arthritis pain.

The researchers gave patients either 10 g of cod liver oil or a placebo daily. After 12 weeks they found that 39% of the patients on the cod liver oil were able to reduce the need for drugs versus 10% for the placebo group.

So… to better control your rheumatoid arthritis use your mind and use cod liver oil.


Cathy said...

We use CLO for the whole family - to help me with RA and dry skin, my daughter with eczema and just overall health for my son. The dog also likes it! :)

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz said...

Thanks for the tip Cathy. I'll check it out and post here or on Twitter! Best to your family, ~Jerry