Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cancer, Cell Phones: Low Energy Electromagnetic Fields (EMFS) & Q-Link

cellphonesI read a study from Denmark last year which reported that using cell phones did not appear to cause brain tumors. The study asked 427 people with brain tumors and 822 people without tumors about their cell phone use. The study found no increased risk for brain tumors related to use, frequency of use or number of years used.

A reader of the Teplitz Email Report emailed me about whether I would continue to recommend the Q-Link, which is a device I wear and recommend to others. It’s a good question and I want to answer it.

qlink_black_back One of the things the Q-Link does is stop people from being affected by low-energy Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) which are emitted by anything electronic including cell phones. First of all, I doubt pro golfers would stop using it because they win more tournaments while wearing it. (If you need more information on this you can re-read what I wrote in previous issues of the Teplitz Email Report at about golfers’ success with the Q-Link by using the search feature.)

I consider the EMFs coming from cell phones and anything else electronic as a science experiment with all of us the subjects being studied. EMFs never existed on the planet before the invention of electronic gadgets. Now they are all around us. We experience them not only from our cell phone, but also from our computers, TVs, alarm clocks, bed lamps and even our car engines.

Just because the Denmark study found no connection between brain tumors and cell phones doesn’t mean that other effects don’t exist—we may just haven’t discovered them yet. There are many examples of our society employing a new “breakthrough” discovery which was supposed to be harmless to humans only to later discover the negative consequences.

A prime example is DDT. When DDT was invented, it was hailed as the miracle pesticide. Only later was it discovered that DDT caused the shells of birds’ eggs, including Bald Eagles, to become so thin that they broke before the chick could hatch.

Other examples are cigarettes and asbestos. It was many years before it was discovered how these substance negatively affected our health. Part of the difficulty is that it took years for symptoms to appear and many more years before scientists were able to make a connection. While I’m not saying there is a connection, at this point no one knows whether or not getting asthma, obesity, autism, heart disease, etc. might be related to EMFs. If there is a connection, like smoking cigarettes, it might not show up for 20 to 40 years.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been conducting research on EMFs since 1996 in conjunction with the FDA. As an example, some of their studies have reported that low frequency electromagnetic field exposure may suppress secretion of melatonin and that it may be a carcinogen for childhood leukemia.

In fact, the studies concluded that there was sufficient evidence from the childhood leukemia research to classify ELF magnetic fields as a "possible human carcinogen". WHO states that it will take years to determine if there are other definitive long-term effects to EMF exposure. Since their website contains dozens of "white paper" and fact sheets where you can find the above statements, you can go to:

Q-link Besides the positive impact on golfers, I have personally received very positive feedback from people who have purchased a Q-Link from me.  So… I will continue to wear my Q-Link and continue to recommend it to others.* In fact, I'm offering a special Package, especially for couples - 2 Q-Links at my lowest price ever..... go to: Qlink Discount and Information.

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