Friday, February 13, 2009

Non-Chemical Way to rid fleas, pests and moles from your yard...

There’s a great natural, non-chemical way to get rid of fleas and many other pests around your home in your backyard. It’s by using a tiny bug called a ...

... nematode.

This bug specializes in eating all kinds of grubs. In its earlier stage a flea is in the grub stage.

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As soon as the nematodes finish eating all the grubs in your lawn, they will die. This will rid your property of all kinds of bugs as well as fleas! (Moles love grubs, so when the grubs are gone, so are the moles!)

The nematodes come on a sponge and since they are microscopic, you’ll never see the millions of them there.

Just spread them on your lawn and let them do their work! To order the nematodes you can go to Yardiac, & search for "nematodes". - The Ultimate Garden Center

Try this before you try chemical pesticides, you'll be happier and so will your children and pets. There are natural ways to take care of pests while protecting the environment!

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LeatherneckJoe said...

Diatomaceous earth is an all-natural product that is used by many pet owners for flea control. If you use the food grade version of diatomaceous earth it will even benefit the pet if they eat some.

Mole Bait said...

The best success I have had with getting rid of moles is using the bait and applicator from

Hope this helps!