Thursday, January 29, 2009

Triggering The Birth Process

Triggering The Birth Process

I recently attended a seminar on Brain Gym® where the instructor Renate Wennekes shared some fascinating information of how the birth process kicks in. As it turns out, it’s the baby that starts the contraction process.

First, the mother’s hormones send a signal to the placenta telling it to stop delivering nutrients to the baby. This lack of nutrients forces the baby’s body to secrete hormones that start the birth process.

In effect, the mother’s body is saying to the baby, “if you’re hungry, you’d better get out of here.” It then takes three days of the baby pushing against the mother’s womb for it to open and the baby to be born. This lack of food also primes the baby to want to breast feed as soon as it’s out of the womb.

All I can say is pretty fancy process to get us born!

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