Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There's A New Fabric In Town - Holofiber

There's a new textile called Holofiber that has been shown to increase circulation and increase the amount of oxygen that is able to go through the skin.

The fiber uses microscopic mineral crystals that take certain wavelengths of light and the body's radiant energy and redirect them into the body. It actually increases blood flow and oxygen delivery into the tissues in the immediate area.

One study of 20 men, who had diabetes, with circulatory problems in their extremities, found that within one hour of wearing the Holofiber that their feet had an 8% higher rate of oxygenation and a 12%  increase in their forearms.

For healthy men the increase was 10% in the feet and 30% in the forearms. It reduces and relieves pain and increases healing in diabetics.

For Raynaud sufferers it reduces pain and inflammation. Athletes are using it to increase oxygen levels to boost muscle performance.

You can contact the Whitaker Wellness Institute about this textile at 800 648-7024 or go to

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