Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm talking about Vitamin E.  In recent years, there have been a number of reports on the power of Vitamin E.

1.  Diabetes - A study of people taking 800 IU's of E per day had a significant drop in blood sugar levels.

2.  Colon cancer - Those with the highest intake of E had almost a 75% lower risk of having the precursors of colon cancer.

3.  Parkinson's Disease - A study in the Netherlands reported that high levels of E were linked to a low incidence of Parksinson's in the 5,300 people in the study.

4.  Alzheimer's - Scientists at Columbia University gave mid-stage Alzheimer's patients 2,000 IU's of E.  The vitamins seemed to slow deterioration by 25% in the ability to do everyday tasks.

5.  Age-related immune system increase - A study was done to see if E could improve the immunity of people over 65.  The results of 200 mg per day was a 65% increase in immune response and a 600% increase against Hepatitis B.

So, how much should you take?  I'd recommend 400-800 IU's per day.  When you buy Vitamin E, you have to read the small print to determine if it's natural (which is what you want) vs. synthetic. 

If it says d-alpha, it's natural. If it says dl-alpha, it's synthetic.  The product with the letter "l" is what you want to avoid.

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