Friday, December 28, 2007

Alternative Clinics Offer Holistic Ways To Beat Addiction

This was the headline of a story in Alternative Health magazine. The traditional medical and the 12-step program route to helping people heal their addictions have not been very successful. Between 70 to 85% of addicts that complete these programs relapse in 6 to 12 months. If this was a business, the business would be bankrupt very quickly. Until recently there haven’t been many other effective options available. Now there are.

Some alternative health clinics are boosting success rates in working with all kinds of addictions to as high as 85%! One of the ways that the holistic approach is different from the other approaches is in the realization that alcoholism and drug abuse can ravage the GI tract thereby limiting the ability of the body to absorb nutrients from foods. Therefore, these clinics are pumping nutrients into the patient’s body through IV and oral nutrient therapies. The clinics are also able to customize the nutrient formula based on which substance the patient is withdrawing from. Some might get nutrients that have a calming impact whereas others may get some that stimulate their brains.

One study had 15 newly sober patients in it. They all rated the severity of 15 “abstinence symptoms”, such as, cravings, anxiety, depression, etc., both before and after 6 days of IV and oral nutrition therapy. All 15 found abstinence symptoms were radically reduced which made it far easier for them to maintain their sobriety.

Alternative clinics are also very effectively using ear acupuncture to increase the success rate in the elimination of addictions. So...if you or someone you love has an addiction, don’t walk – run to the nearest clinic of this type.

Here are some clinics you can go to:,,

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