Friday, November 30, 2007

Change What Your Kids Eat At School - Change Their Behavior

The Central Alternative School in Appleton , Wisconsin eliminated candy and junk foods from vending machines and their cooks started serving fresh, whole foods. What kind of results could you expect? How about the following: discipline problems just about disappeared, attendance skyrocketed and academic performance improved. In addition problems with dropouts, expulsions, weapons, drug use and suicides dropped to zero. That's right - zero!

The program was so successful that the superintendent introduced it to all schools in the district. You can get a DVD that highlights the five year study on the school's nutrition program at

So...if the schools your kids attend aren't showing these kinds of positive changes, get the study and start pushing your school district to change the foods it serves your kids. It's your kids, their health and their performance that's at stake. 

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