Saturday, January 18, 2020

Fight Alzheimer’s Disease With Niacinamide

There’s a way to fight back against Alzheimer’s disease by using the nutritional supplement niacinamide. In a study done with mice, the researchers gave them niacinamide which is a type of vitamin B3. They found that it did several things. It reduced one marker of Alzheimer’s disease call “tau protein” by 60%.

It also increased microtubules that carry information to the inside of brain cells. The researchers believe this is allowing more information to get into the cells.

Not only did it bring the mice back to the level where they were before the deterioration, it actually improved the behavior in normal mice.  One of the researchers said that the mice were cured!

Since niacinamide has been used extensively and safely for over 60 year, using it on humans should cause minimal problems. While a few people have reported nausea, cutting the dose in half seemed to stop the nausea.  There was even a book about using niacinamide written in 1943 by Dr. William Kaufman called The Common Form of Niacin Amide Deficiency Disease: Aniacinamidosis.

The recommended dose if 1,000 mg of niacinamide three times a day. You should see symptoms starting to improve in three to four weeks and after three to four months most symptoms will have disappeared.
One note of caution, stopping taking niacinamide would lead to a return of all symptoms within 3 to 4 months.  So…niacinamide three times a day or having Alzheimer’s, which direction should I go? I think the answer is obvious!
(Reported Nutrition & Healing, Jonathan Wright, MD)

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