Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Dangers of The 5G Network

5G is the term for the network that is beginning to be installed around the country as a way to dramatically speed up our internet connection and transmission speeds. While speed is great, there are major problems with 5G networks that is extremely troublesome.

To begin with 5G networks need to be placed every 500 feet in order to work. This means there will be a dramatic increase in the radiation being emitted at each of these units. What 5G does is it utilizes millimeter-wave frequencies, which are smaller waves from those emitted in 4G networks. This has an effect when it hits our bodies.

These are just a few of the new health concerns with 5G networks:

1. Israeli researchers found that our sweat ducts act as an antenna for these millimeter waves, which means our bodies will absorb more of this energy

2. Governments use millimeter wave devices in crowd control systems. For people caught in the wave it makes them feel like their skin’s on fire.

3. Hundreds of scientists from around the world sent a letter to the United Nations and the World Health Organization warning of serious concerns regarding these Electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Our bodies are actually affected at levels below where most international guidelines have been set. This means we may experience an increased cancer risk, increase in free radicals in our bodies, damage to the reproductive system, learning and memory issues and neurological disorders.

Safety testing on 5G Networks has simply not been done, yet it’s being rolled out as you read this blurb.

There is a way to stop this rollout and get some real research done. There are bills in the House and Senate to change the rule so that local communities can have greater input over how 5G Networks are installed.

So…contact your elected Representative and Senator to let them know they need to support the bills on local communities having real input.

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