Friday, July 12, 2019

A New Breakthrough Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease & ALS

The drug companies are abandoning their research efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease related to beta amyloids and tau proteins. Their reason is simple, none of their remedies have proven to be effective.

Well, there’s another line of research that has opened up. It’s looking at a simple amino acid to stop Alzheimer’s and ALS. The amino acid is L-serine and so far, the research has been very, very promising. The first study was with monkeys. There is a powerful neurotoxin called BMAA that seems to cause Alzheimer’s. What the researchers did was feed one group of monkeys’ bananas with BMAA in it and the other group was given BMAA plus L-serine. The L-serine group had 80 to 90 percent fewer markers of Alzheimer’s verse the BMAA only group.

Human Phase I trials, which is to test safety had L-serine given to patients with ALS in doses up to 15 grams, twice a day. Even though this was a test for safety, L-serine slowed the progression of ALS by an astounding 85%. A Phase II study has begun testing the effectiveness of 30 grams of L-serine a day on patients with Alzheimer’s and ALS.

My Mother-in-Law, Carol who is 86, has been taking L-serine and feels that it has made an enormous difference for her in terms of memory. I personally, have begun taking around 5 grams a day in a powder form and it feels like it is also having a positive effect on me. So…L-serine anyone?
(Reported Dr. Whitaker’s Health & Healing, July 2019)

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