Saturday, June 15, 2019

Things You Can Do When Tragedy Strikes

You may not be aware that I live in Virginia Beach, VA where a mass shooting occurred a week ago when a gunman entered in a local government office building and killed 12 people.

A friend of mine, Kathy Brown, emailed me after it happened. She wanted as many people to know about several simple yet effective strategies that you can use on yourself, family and loved ones when tragedy strikes.

Here’s what Kathy wrote to me (with me adding comments in parentheses): I heard the news about the shooting in Virginia Beach. This is so incredibly awful. I hope you and Elizabeth are safe and that all of your friends are safe, too (they and we were all safe).

You may know that Chapter 18 of Educate Your Brain (this is the name of the book Kathy wrote) is about using Brain Gym (which I talk about in my Keynotes and Seminars) to resolve stress, distress and trauma.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School several years ago, I began wondering “What can I do to help?” so I had my graphic designer turn this chapter into its own PDF so that I could post it on my book website as a free download, available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The chapter teaches Hook-ups and Positive Points (these are 2 Brain Gyms that I teach in my Switched-On Selling and other Seminars to get rid the a negative charge off of a negative situation in 2 minutes), and tells the story of how I used them and other Brain Gym movements to deal with the stress I experience after 9/11 when I was living far away from home in Germany.

My belief is that when awful things happen doing these simple Brain Gym movements can keep the trauma from settling so deeply into the mind-body system (which can affect your health and wellness).

I also added an Appendix that tells the story of Svetlana Masgutova’s work in Russia (I know Svetlana and she’s an amazing woman) following a catastrophic train explosion and fire, Finally, I also talk about the work of Tan Liane and Henry Remanley in Banda Aceh after the tsunami that struck there killing thousands.

You’re welcome to include it in an email to your entire list. (Kathy also told me you can forward this to anyone that you’d like to)

So…this is Jerry again. Please let me know if you find doing these Brain Gym’s helpful for you to resolve stresses and trauma you may experience. You can even use these Brain Gyms to get rid of the charge from an old trauma that is still affecting you.

Yours truly,

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