Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Stopping Macular Degeneration The Vitamin Way

For a long time, it looked like patients with macular degeneration were being sentenced to a life of losing their vision and going blind since there was no way to stop it. Now, a study published by the National Eye Institute has found that vitamin supplements are the best way to stop macular degeneration. The suggestions are to take daily doses of Vitamin C - 500 mg, Vitamin E - 400 IU, Beta Carotene - 15 mg, Zinc Oxide - 80 mg, and Cupric Oxide - 2 mg. As a reader of this report, you are aware I recommend higher doses for achieving optimum health. You can search my archives of past issues to find out the specific recommendations. Go to www.Teplitz.com  and click on Free Email Reports.

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