Thursday, February 15, 2018

Study Of Vitamin E And Diabetes

A study just published in the journal Diabetes Care supports the benefits of Vitamin E. This study looked at both Vitamin E and the beta carotenoid beta-cryptoxanthin and its impact on the development of type II diabetes. The study had 4,300 men and woman who were free of diabetes at the beginning of the study. The researchers did an analysis of the diets and found that those consuming the highest amounts of Vitamin E were 31% less likely to develop diabetes and those taking the beta-cryptoxanthin reduced their risk by 42%.

So… if you are taking Vitamin E, keep on taking it and if you're not I'd suggest adding 400 to 800 IUs per day. One other thing, when you look at the label it should say d-alpha tocopherol and not dl-alpha tocopherol. The addition of the letter l (dl) means it's synthetic.

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