Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Native Cultures Healing Works

This idea of how native cultures heal comes from Greg Braden. In his book, The God Code, Braden says that native peoples around the world have a common understanding of one of the ways that healing of the body and the mind occur and that's through the use of sound.

Native cultures hold the idea that "life" has an inherent blueprint of wellness, one that is always present, even when it appears that chaos in the form of disease has replaced order. Through the very precise use of chanting, drums, rattles, chimes, gongs, tones, and songs by these cultures, the subtle life patterns of the individual that is being "healed" are disrupted and thrown into chaos. When the sound stops, because wellness is the blueprint of life, the healthy patterns are able to find one another and can reestablish themselves. As the disease has no blueprint, it cannot "find itself" and reassemble. It simply disappears and the result is that the person is "healed."

To me this is a fascinating way of understanding a concept that is thousands of years old. This doesn't mean we forgo 21st Century Medicine, but it gives a better understanding of traditional approaches to healing.

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