Thursday, May 11, 2017

Full Spectrum Lights Continue Making Positive Changes

Here's what Eda E. Fairfield, Marketing Coordinator, RealWorks Realty, Tampa, FL had to say about the impact of full spectrum fluorescent tubes in her office. "Ordinarily only an hour after entering the office my eyes would be tired but not now, I am now able to work all day and almost never leave with tired eyes. Before your lights, headaches were an every day occurrence in our office. It seemed as though every day my co-worker, my boss or I would complain of moderate to severe headaches. Headaches are now seldom mentioned and my boss is now able to go without his reading glasses more often.

I work a ten hour day but go home far more rested now than in the past. Since the change dramatically coincided with the appearance of your lights, I attribute this revitalization to your lights."

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