Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Depression May Really Be In Your Brain

Recently Discover Magazine reported that depression may be located in the right side of your brain in an area called the right pre-frontal cortex. The left pre-frontal cortex is where positive feelings and emotions are located. Research now suggests that cause of depression may be from an underpowered left cortex and an outpouring of negative feelings from the right side. With the positive side not working up to speed, the person is flooded with fear that leads to helplessness and despair.

University of Wisconsin researchers are using magnetic stimulation to stimulate the neurons in the left cortex. They are finding as many as half their patients are experiencing significant relief from depression. And these were people who had all failed to improve using previous therapies.

Another technique being pioneered at Northwestern University is the use of neurofeedback. This approach uses alpha brainwaves to increase the alpha waves on the right cortex and decrease them on the left. Of 20 patient who underwent treatment, all reported feeling better.

So...another option I'd recommend is to consider meditation which changes alpha brainwave activity. Also you might want to check out Brain Gym(r) movement exercises that affect the brain's wiring system. You can find out more information about Brain Gym at www.braingym.org.

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