Thursday, April 21, 2016


A study of 368 cancer patients reported by the University Of California School Of Medicine found 200 of these people reported persistent moderate to severe pain levels. In looking further, the researchers found that the people with pain had higher levels of depression and anxiety. They were also angrier; more fatigued and had a lower level of overall psychological well-being.

The caregivers who were helping these patients also had more fatigue and anxiety themselves.

Make sure you doctor is willing to take whatever steps necessary to control pain before you need his or her help. If you wait until you or a loved one is in severe pain, you may discover that the doctor is against giving too many drugs to control the pain. The doctor's fear is that the person will become addicted to the pain medication. The research shows the exact opposite that there is minimal risk of addiction and that the patient and the caregiver's quality of life go up dramatically.

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