Thursday, April 7, 2016


Here are some herbal approaches to controlling diabetes for you to consider. The first is Corosolic acid which is extracted from the Asian Queen's Crepe Myrtle tree. A study with 10 Type II diabetic patients was their average blood glucose level drop 31.9% after two weeks of taking 480 mcg of Corosolic acid. Another study saw a 22.08% drop after 60 days.

Ginseng is another herb to examine. It needs to be American Ginseng. The University of Toronto conducted several studies and found that insulin levels were increased after taking a one gram dose of American Ginseng. This increase in insulin allows the body to reduce high blood glucose levels. To order tablets containing Corosolic acid and American Ginseng contact Health Concerns at 510 639-0280 or go to and ask for Myrtle Send tablets.

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