Tuesday, February 23, 2016


In the newsletter, "To Your Health", by Dr. John Thie, he reported a study where a patient's low back problems were assessed at the beginning of rehabilitation and then six months later. The researchers found that the pain, the psychological distress and the general disability actually hampered short-term memory, which resulted in a decreased speed in processing information.

If you have low back difficulties, I have two recommendations.
 First, I'd suggest you go to a chiropractor, as research has shown people recover faster from chiropractic treatments vs. the standard medical approach of drugs.

Second, there is also a Shiatsu finger pressure treatment you can do on yourself or someone that will either stop the low back pain or speed up the healing process. I have that treatment in my book, "Managing Your Stress: How to Relax and Enjoy". You can go to www.Teplitz.com/books to order.

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